Wealth with Purpose: Multifamily Millions


E15: Wealth with Purpose: Multifamily Millions – Whitney Sewell



When your purpose is powerful you find a way to make it happen. Join us as Whitney Sewell shares his experience from working in the police force, to founding a syndicated multifamily investment company valued at over 100 million. Driven by the desire to help families with the (very expensive) process of adoption, Whitney pushed through adversity and created a company that will go far beyond just a generational legacy for his own family.


Show Notes


Whitney Sewell is the founder of Lifebridge Capital, a Multifamily Syndicated Investment company invested in over 800 doors, and valued at over 100 million. He is also the host of the Real Estate Syndication Show podcast.


He and his wife, Chelsey, have two adopted sons and a third on the way. Their purpose is to help children find homes, and his company, Lifebridge Capital, commits 50% of their profits to helping the families who want to adopt in the process financially.


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