Vetting a Potential Sponsor


E145: Vetting a Potential Sponsor

E145: Vetting a Potential Sponsor




Our Mindset Minutes show this week is focusing on vetting sponsors and how to do this effectively. When it comes to passive investing, one of the most important factors is vetting the sponsor and doing your due diligence. I dive into what questions you’re going to want to ask the sponsors to get a clear understanding of the investment summary and have confidence going into a deal.


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Show Notes



  1. Look at the credibility of the sponsor by going online and doing some research on who this person is.


  1. Your first meeting with the sponsor is going to be a call of around 20 minutes and this will be where you’re actually vetting each other. A great chance to discover if you’re both aligned on the deal and that your core values match. 


  1. The next call will be the due diligence call. This is where you’ll be diving deeper into the types of deals that the sponsor is looking to invest in. This is where you can ask all the questions you need to about the deal and the team. 


  1. If you have fear of investing or serious doubts then you shouldn’t invest right now but take time to go and learn more and prepare yourself a little further. Invest when you have the confidence and knowledge to do so. 


  1. when you’re doing anything for the first time it’s going to feel a bit clunky… so give yourself some leeway to gain more knowledge and strengthen your confidence. Remember, there’s always going to be more deals coming through! 




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