The Perfect Real Estate Market Has…


E:143 – The Perfect Real Estate Market Has…

E:143 – The Perfect Real Estate Market Has…




This week we’re focusing on market selection. We look at how to find the right markets to invest in and what three core elements play a key role in making the right selection. Jump into this episode and refresh or improve your knowledge about market selection so you can start off on the strong foot!


Show Notes



  1. Population growth is the primary factor for selecting a market.


  1. A population decline can signify issues with politics, economics, location and more. We typically want to stay away from these areas. 


  1. Job growth with a diverse set of industry and good pay scale is a huge advantage. This indicates solid potential tenants and market rents. 


  1. We want to look at supply and how many buildings are being built in the next 2-5 years. This means making sure that supply has not outgrown demand. 


  1. Crime rate is an important factor that will indicate tenant types, political issues and other unwanted problems within the community. 




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