Key to Thriving Through Crisis


E110: Key to Thriving Through Crisis – Rich Fettke


How do you go from a place of negative self-image to massive success and confidence even through crisis? Join Rich Fettke and Steven today to find out some key strategies!


  1. Inspect EVERY single unit! (do your homework thoroughly)
  2. Trust, but verify
  3. Collaborate with other people in your industry to learn best-practices
  4. Learn to adapt the the present circumstances
  5. Know your “Big 3” goals


  1. Traction – Gino Wickman  ( )
  2. The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida (

Keystone Habits: 

  1. Morning meditation, yoga, and exercise
  2. Has a professional coach
  3. Every Monday fills out “Self-Coaching” form
  4. Super clear on goals



Show Notes


Rich Fettke has helped thousands of entrepreneurs improve their businesses, grow their wealth, and live more fulfilling lives as a Business and Personal Coach. You’ve seen him on News Networks like NPR, Wallstreet Journal and many others. Rich is also Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network. Since 2003 they’ve helped over 50,000 members improve their financial intelligence and acquire cash flowing income properties — so they don’t have to work forever.

Rich’s purpose is to live an awesome life by “walking the walk and talking the talk” – essentially living his life in alignment with his big goals.

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