Producing Year One Profits – Spencer Hilligoss


E140: Producing Year One Profits – Spencer Hilligoss

E140: Producing Year One Profits – Spencer Hilligoss




How do you become an effective passive investor?


This week our very special guest is Spencer Hilligoss who is an active syndicator and leading business operations and investor relations for his company maddison investing. He spent over 13 years in tech building building high performance teams and was recently leading up originations at the highly respected Lending Home.


 Spencer is a technology leader with a 13 year track record of building high-performing teams across five companies – three of them, software “unicorns” – valued at more than $1B. He built and led the origination teams for LendingHome and currently leads their Professional Development group. LendingHome is the largest residential flip lender in the country, responsible for more than $4B in transactions and is actively funding more than 500 deals per month. 


We dive into how you can find what your goals are, before you start investing, and how to move forward with a plan to achieve said goals. It’s absolutely vital that you have a clear game plan from day 1 and this episode sets out to help you along that route. Don’t miss this episode that is truly packed full of FREE information from an investing pro!






  1. Passive is not always completely void of work… you still need to maintain a business model. 


  1. The most important rule to start with is: Look at the track record and values of your potential investors and managers. 


  1. Find someone to manage the deal that has been through a brutally challenging entrepreneurship challenge. This means they will respect your capital more. 



  1. Look for a partner that can help understand and find deals. 


  1. Before you invest you want to research: 1. Population growth in the city 2. Migration trends 3. Job supply and growth 4. Crime rate trend 


  1. Look at the year on cash flow. Is the deal going to be able to produce operational profitability in the first year? 


  1. You don’t have to start as an active investor… you can start by investing with an operator, learning from them, and then moving into actually being active yourself. 


  1. LIMFACTS – there’s 3 limiting factors for every potential investor: Time. Capital. Expertise. Once you identify these limiting factors, you can decide which investing strategy is right for you. 





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