The Do-Over Guy: Rebuilding a Business and Life


E79: The Do-Over Guy: Rebuilding a Business and Life – Matt Theriault


Are you stuck? (or broke?!) Maybe you’ve been on the same track for a while and just don’t like where you’ve ended up, or maybe your train derailed completely (like Matt’s) and you need a whole new plan. Either way, you’re going to want to tune into today’s episode. Entrepreneur and real estate investor, Matt Theriault (the “do-over” guy), and Steven talk about what it was like to lose everything, and then build back up from the bottom.


  1. Be really intentional about who you surround yourself with
  2. The only variable between the “right” information, and success, is YOU
  3. Find someone who’s doing what you want very well, and pursue them and now to be a VALUE to them


  1. Profit First – Mike Michalowicz (



Show Notes


Matt Theriault is a full-time real estate investor and investing coach. He does business primarily in Southern California, but invests throughout the nation. He is host of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, as well as The Do Over show.

Matt served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and then spent 13 years of his life in the music business developing and running a small record label – and then lost everything. He built everything back up from the bottom, and now shares his “do-over” story with other investors and entrepreneurs across the country.

Matt is driven to success by the desire to set a great example for his son. He said he is motivated by this quote: “Today I felt like quitting, but then I remembered who was watching”.

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