Lens of Fear or Lens of Opportunity


E147: Lens of Fear or Lens of Opportunity

E147: Lens of Fear or Lens of Opportunity




Aloha from Hawaii! This week we look at how we can turn all the world’s craziness and uncertainty into positivity and opportunity. If you can change over the “lens” in which you see the world… you have the chance to achieve your goals and move forward instead of backwards or hitting a plateau.


So join me this week as I go through my own personal journey that allowed me to turn doubt into positivity and uncertainty into opportunity.


Show Notes



  1. If you can change the lens in which you see the world through, you’ll see that we’re actually living in a time of great opportunity right now. Regardless of the crazy things going on in the world, we can still be successful and move forward with our goals.


  1. What is the potential reason that others aren’t doing things… so that you can action on them instead? 


  1. What is the lens that you can flip over to see opportunity instead of limiting beliefs? 


  1. Take action: flip your lens of fear into a lens of opportunity and make that change even if it means doing something small within your community. 





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