Hustling for Time Freedom


E67: Hustling for Time Freedom – Lauren Hardy


The challenges in our lives can either be our excuses, or they can be our motivation. Lauren Hardy is the mom of two girls who decided she didn’t want a job – but instead wanted to own her calendar and have freedom in her life. Join us today as Lauren and Steven talk about success, challenge, and how being a parent is a reason – not an excuse.


  1. If you have limited time, focus FIRST on the items that make money
  2. Everyone should have a mentor
  3. When you’re going through something hard, focus on the absolute necessities to give yourself space to get through it
  4. Allow yourself to be human, it’s okay to need to take a break here and there


  1. Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson (
  2. The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy (

Keystone Habits:

  1. Maintains a very strict schedule
  2. Works out almost every day
  3. Eats healthy / doesn’t drink except weekends
  4. Always educating herself
  5. Reaches out weekly to someone who’s just ahead of her in business


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Show Notes


Lauren Hardy is a real estate investor based in Orange County California, and has invested in hundreds of properties over her 8-year career. Lauren has the unique expertise of being a successful “virtual investor” having not lived in many of the states she’s invested in. She founded TMF Real Estate in 2012 after becoming a mother.

Lauren’s dream and purpose is to create a business that not only gives her professional satisfaction, but also the flexibility to be present in the lives of her children. Her children are her motivation and the driving force behind her passion and focus.

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