Crushing Sales with Authenticity


E33 – Crushing Sales with Authenticity – John Martinez



It’s a general assumption that to be a successful sales person (or business person in general) you’ve got to be an extrovert – but as it turns out the very opposite might be true. On today’s episode John Martinez tells us about how he (very much an introvert) got started in sales, and eventually built a very successful sales coaching business. John shares keys to success, some common roadblocks, as well as the biggest key in his company’s massive growth.




  1. Motivation is KEY to being successful in sales
  2. The #1 thing in sales is communication
  3. Be authentic, when you’re authentic people will gravitate toward you


Show notes


John Martinez has been in some form of sales training for over 20 years, and he has become the premier trainer in the industry for real estate. With the help of his team, John has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on how to boost company income by helping them improve their inbound and outbound sales.


John is inspired to success by his family (immediate and extended) and by being able to help and influence other people. John’s father was his first mentor, and her person who showed him the importance of persistence and not giving up.

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