Freedom, Family and Finances


E49: Freedom, Family, and Finances – Joey Mure



Life happens fast, and it’s easy to start off on the right track, only to look up several  years later and have no idea why your life looks the way it does. The urgent overtakes the important, and life falls completely out of balance. There is a solution – it just involves some very intentional decision making on your part. Listen in today as Joey Mure gives his insight on family, freedom, and finances.




  1. It (a big change) can’t just be a “fun” idea, it has to follow some logic / success opportunity
  2. Check your ideas against your support system
  3. Have an “Abundance” mindset
  4. Be very intentional about the life you want


Show Notes


Joey Mure started his career in the Mortgage business, quickly becoming a branch manager with one of the Nation’s top mortgage lenders, and leading 25 loans officers. By 2010 he had achieved national recognition, but despite the position and impressive income he felt like something was missing.Fortunately, he met his (now) partner Russ Morgan, who introduced him to the Infinite Banking Concept and everything changed. Joey decided to join Russ and co-founded a company called Wealth Without Wall Street. They teach people to stop trading time for money to achieve financial freedom by following their signature 5 Pillars of Wealth. 


Joey lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and five young daughters. One of his first mentors was Nelson Nash, and from there he has always tried to model the men in his life were were just a few years ahead of him, and where he wanted to be (whether they were fathers, businessmen, etc). His purpose is to be the very best he can be, and honor his relationship with God and the responsibility that comes along with it. 


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