Kill The Ego: The Road to Owning A Half Billion Dollars of Apartment Units


E07 – Kill The Ego: The Road to Owning A Half Billion Dollars of Apartment Units – Joe Fairless



Joe Fairless is a savvy investor with over half a billion dollars of property under management. He has learned how to build and scale a company, while focusing on the things that make them great – and without adding the weight of people management. Joe’s insight into how to filter advice, as well as use negativity as fuel are inspiring, and his stories of approaching each new challenge with a “this can be conquered” attitude can be put into action in nearly any circumstance.




  1. Mistakes Millionaires Make – Harry Clark
  2. Crucial Conversations – By (author) Joseph Grenny, By (author) Ron McMillan, By (author) Al Switzler By (author) Kerry Patterson






Show Notes


Greg Dickerson is a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer, coach and mentor with over 20 years experience. In his career he has bought, developed, and sold over $250 million in real estate, he’s built and renovated hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings, plus he’s started 12 different companies from the ground up.


Greg has been a guest commentator on Fox Business, the Dave Ramsey Show, as well as many others. He served in the United States Navy right out of high school, and he’s always been a leader in the community: serving on the boards of several churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations.


He has been mentored by some founders of huge companies, as well as found mentorship through books. His purpose is seeking and finding untapped potential in people, and then helping them recognize it themselves and achieve success through it.


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