How Can I Help?


E153: How Can I Help?

E153: How Can I Help?




Have you ever asked yourself: How can I be of value to others? This week we’re looking at the philosophy of giving more value than you expect to receive in return.


Sounds crazy, right? It might at first, but by giving incredible value to people you’ll not only build stronger relationships, but you’ll also create an energy that will attract greatness to YOU.


It can be easy to think that if you start giving amazing value to others, you could be taken advantage of… but if you’re giving immense value to others it doesn’t mean that you need to stop charging for your services or that you’re opening yourself up to potential leeches. What it really means is that people will look up to you, see you as a person of strength and want to do business with you.


I’ve used this philosophy and it’s worked wonders for me… now I want to share it with you and see YOU benefit like I did. Everyone has a way that they can be of value; why don’t you start today?


Show Notes



  1. Ask the right questions – how can you be of value?


  1. Bring this up in conversation and ask directly 


  1. People are very receptive to this and love receiving a gift 


  1. You will create an energy that will attract greatness to you in return 


  1. You don’t need to be taken advantage of if you’re giving value to people 


  1. People will see you as a strong and respectable person who they want to work with 


  1. Create a log and check regularly to see how many times you’ve asked the question 





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