Hiring the Right Sales People


E157: Hiring the Right Sales People

E157: Hiring the Right Sales People




This week we’re analyzing a subject that is at the heart of any successful business: How do you go about hiring the best people to benefit and grow your business?


More specifically we’re looking at how we can land excellent salespeople. I go over some of the key questions when searching for talent such as: What type of salesperson we should be looking for – a hunter or a farmer? What personality assessment tests are available to us? What are the differences between hiring someone for single and/or multifamily? How are we going to write the job description to communicate our JD effectively?


These are all vital questions that I answer in this week’s episode to help you get the most out of your hires. So jump in – join the community and the conversation. If you have any hiring strategies of your own to add, then drop them in the comments below… we’d love to hear them!


Show Notes



  1. Ask what type of sales person you want – a Hunter or a Farmer.


  1. Email me at steven@vonfinch.com so I can recommend some of the best, and some of my favorite, personality tests that are available for you. 


  1. Single and multifamily are going to have different requirements when it comes to the hire. 


  1. How are you going to write the job description specifically for the person and role? 


  1. Have a process for processing your final group of candidates 


  1. Use personality tests to ascertain if the candidate is the right fit for your business 





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