Habits of Gratitude and Presence


E64: Habits of Gratitude and Presence – Steven Pesavento


The world we live in is busy. It’s easy to live in a constant state of distraction – just moving through the moments in our day as if on autopilot – never really present for anything. At work we’re thinking about home, and at home we’re thinking about work, and we never really stop to appreciate either one. Folks, gratitude is the missing piece. Join us today for this quick, but impactful message about the power of living in the moment, and taking on the mindset of gratitude.


  1. Living with presence and gratitude is simple, but can be difficult
  2. Take the time to sit still, and really appreciate the things in your life you can be grateful for
  3. Be IN the moment. Wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing, focus on that

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