Ditch The Doubters


E73: Ditch The Doubters – Ellie Perlman


The path to success looks a little different for everyone, but if you choose to believe the people who doubt your ability, chances are you’ll prove them right. Think it’s possible to go from zero to $250M in just a few short years? Neither did Ellie’s mentor, but join us today and see how she chose to believe in her path and ditch the doubters!


  1. Don’t take anything for granted – be grateful for the opportunity around you!
  2. Make a decision about what you want, and then DO IT
  3. We have incredible access to opportunity in the United States
  4. You have to surround yourself with people with the right (success) mindset


    1. The One Thing – Gary Keller & Jay Papasan (https://amzn.to/2MZtPlb)

    Keystone Habits:

    1. Everyday is a Monday (work everyday)
    2. Change the scenery (work from home, work from office / coffee shop)
    3. Setting VERY specific goals for the day the prior night
    4. Take breaks!


Show Notes


The founder of Blue Lake Capital, Ellie Perlman, has over 10 years of experience in real estate investment, law, and property management. She started her career in Israel as a commercial real estate lawyer, leading commercial transactions for Israel’s largest development company, and then took a huge leap and moved to the US to start her own investment company.

Ellie, along with her partner, owns both passively and actively over 2,000 units across the U.S. worth over $250M. Ellie holds an MBA from MIT and is Host of “That REllie Happened?! Unbelievable Real Estate Stories”

She is driven to her success by her childhood and the decision to never live in the situation she grew up in again, plus the drive to provide a great life for her family.

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