Keys to Success: Mindset and Mentorship


E29 – Keys to Success: Mindset and Mentorship – Dan Handford



How do you survive in business if you’re a heart-first person? How is it possible to balance caring about people, and making tough decisions? If you’ve struggled with this, or it has ever even crossed your mind, this episode is for you. Steven and Dan cover this, as well as perseverance, mentorship, and (of course) a winning mindset.




  1. Set up layers of responsibility to remove yourself from the emotional end of business
  2. Surround yourself with high-level people
  3. Don’t stop, persevere through the challenges


Show Notes:


Dan Handford is a managing partner with, plus he has an extensive background in starting multiple seven-figure businesses from scratch (including a large group of non-surgical orthopedic and sports medicine clinics located in South Carolina). Dan is also the host of two Podcasts; Tough Decisions for Entrepreneurs, and Multifamily Investors Nation (which has grown to 9,000+ members nationwide).


Dan’s drive comes from his desire to create a life where he controls his own schedule so he can spend important time with his family, and he makes it a point to surround himself with A-level people and align himself with hard-hitting mentors.


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