The Value-First Success Secret


E51: The Value-First Success Secret – Chris Lopez



Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the right things, but there are just TOO many people fighting for the same business as you? Or how about this situation: you’re a rockstar at your business, but a giant moves in (ahem, Amazon?) and suddenly you “can’t” compete?  If you’ve felt EITHER of these two things this episode is for you. Chris shares his tips and strategies for huge success, even when the market is “full”.




  1. Old “habits” or routines can take time to break
  2. “Program” your mind through visualization 
  3. Be ahead of the trend, not behind it – identify the trend, and then ride it 
  4. Find a way to serve your client’s needs  in a different fashion than everyone else 
  5. Add value BEFORE asking for anything


Show Notes


Chris Lopez is based out of Denver, CO. and is an investor-friendly realtor who has created an amazing business through helping his clients build wealth and create financial freedom through wise real estate investing.


Chris was bitten by the entrepreneur bug his sophomore year in college. He’d always intended to be an engineer, but through some great early mentors and learning he found his way to online marketing. He is driven by the desire to “climb” the mountain of success in different areas and always challenge himself.


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