No Such Thing as Traditional, Build Your Business Where You Are


E18: No Such Thing as Traditional, Build Your Business Where You Are – Bill Allen



What do test pilots and real estate moguls have in common? Join us as Bill Allen shares his life as a Navy pilot-turned-investor, and how he is driven to be the very best, regardless of the field or challenge.




  1. It’s all about the impact. Money is great, but impacting people for good is so much better
  2. Be competitive…with yourself.
  3. Don’t listen to your head – you can do FAR more than you think


Show notes


Bill Allen is an active duty Navy pilot who has built an incredible real estate flipping and wholesaling business in multiple states. Bill started his real estate investing career for a few different reasons, some family, some financial.


Moving from Pensacola to England for flight school helped him see that real estate could be his route to retiring earlier than possible with the military, but his passion has shifted away from simple financial success to positive impact. He is heavily involved in coaching and helping others achieve success, and also with organizations like Operation Underground Railroad, where he can really work towards his goal of positive impact on as many lives as possible.


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