From Loading Dock to The Ethical Wholesaling King


E05 – From Loading Dock to The Ethical Wholesaling King – Andy McFarland



From Load Dock & Pizza Delivery Driver to Successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs. How did he do it? Andy shares stories of growing up, where he learned the mindset that guides him today and how he’s grown as an investor. It’s packed full of insight from one of the best real estate investors in the nation


Show Notes


Andy McFarland is one of the countries top wholesalers based out of Utah with his wife and four kids. His company Enlight Homebuyers buy & sells over 200 hundred wholesale deals each year. He owns rental properties, passively invests, runs a digital marketing company for real estate investors, and coaches & mentors investors through 7 Figure Flipping Mastermind and House Flipping Formula company. His team includes 15 employees focused on wholesaling in 3 different states, and flipping about 20% of the properties they buy: about 50-60 each year.


Andy works by a conservative investment philosophy based on personal experiences he gained early on in his career – through those experiences he’s gained wisdom that has helped him stay successful when many others have failed.


Inspired originally by his mother, who told him he could do or be whatever he wanted – and after he discovered the book  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. He eventually left his job working on a loading dock and delivering pizzas at age 21. He worked hard, bought his first property (nicknamed “The Treehouse”) and entered a crash-course in the school of real estate.


His purpose now is to seek fulfilment and significance through helping people, and his philosophy has become: choose your investments wisely, determine the risk you’re willing to take, and stick with it. Also, the people you choose to work with are JUST as important as the investment choice itself.

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