Life By Design In Multi-Family


E57 : Life By Design In Multi-Family – Andrew Campbell


Living with balance doesn’t happen automatically, and living a life where you control your schedule is even less “automatic” – however both are SO powerful. Join us today as Andrew Campbell lets us into the story of why he transitioned from a corporate job to real estate, and how he manages to keep balance and control of his schedule all while managing over 1700 units and being a father of (soon to be) 4!


  1. Educate yourself, but then just DO IT
  2. Lean into your experience and skillset – you always show up best in these areas
  3. Take it slow when getting into a partnership: make sure your goals and values are in alignment
  4. Stay consistent


  1.  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Gary Keller (
  2. Good Profit – Charles Koch (

Keystone Habits:

  1. Plans the week out on Sunday
  2. Does not accept “last minute”


Show Notes


Andrew Campbell is a real estate entrepreneur based in Austin, TX.  who broke into real estate investing first as a passive investor in 2009. Since then he’s grown his personal portfolio, and then moved into larger multifamily buildings. 

Today, his company Wildhorn Capital controls a $175+mm portfolio of over 1700 units in Texas. He and his business partner work together in alignment on their goals for the business, and he is focused on keeping balance in his life and control of his schedule. 

Andrew is driven by the purpose of being around and available for his family, and having the ability to have the freedom to make these decisions. He is the father of four, and he operates with his family first. 

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